Car Accidents

Reasons to Contact us Today.
Car accidents involve insurance as well as personal injury law, so it is very important that victims of a crash contact a lawyer immediately. Smith Law Offices can help you in the following ways:

  • We will ensure that your injuries are properly documented for purposes of filing a claim and that you receive appropriate medical care. This will help ensure you receive full compensation and medical attention for the injuries you’ve suffered as a result of the accident.
  • We will mediate between the persons involved in the accident and the insurance companies to maximize the value of your claim.
  • We will attempt to prove liability by preserving evidence and interviewing witnesses, thereby maximizing the value of your claim.


  • Reasons To Contact Us Today
  • Insurance Companies Are Not Your Friends
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These are the first steps we’ll take on your behalf to protect the value of your claim. We’ll work with you throughout the legal process to ensure you receive just compensation for your injuries.

Insurance Companies Are Not Your Friends.
If you’ve been in an accident, expect a phone call from an insurance agent very soon after the accident and before you’ve had a chance to hire a lawyer. They will be very nice and helpful to you and may encourage you not to contact a lawyer. That’s because insurance companies know they will pay you a lot more money if an experienced firm like Smith Law Offices is involved. Even if it is your insurance company, protect your right to be adequately compensated for your injuries and don’t settle with them until you talk with a lawyer first.